Experts in medical cannabis greenhouse and production systems, top quality greenhouses and growing solutions for cannabis commercial growers 

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הכנת תוכנית עסקית להקמת חוות קנביס רפואי ומפעל מיצוי שמן

Turn key projects

IBG offers turnkey solutions for; Greenhouses,Poultry,Fish Farms,Animal Feed,Fruit Crops,Farm and Crop Management, Irrigation and Fertigation. Solutions from product definition, design, prototyping, and on to mass production. Our engineering team, which comprises Agronomists and Scientists,as well as Irrigation engineers, accompany the client throughout the entire project life cycle, leveraging their extensive experience in order to optimize costs, streamline processes, while maintaining the highest standards.

IBG offers a one-stop-shop approach from planning to production, including procurement, assembley and construction, as well as integration, testing and QA.

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