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Our experts have participated in rural development projects in Africa, South America, Central America, Asia, and Europe. Here is a sampling of international projects completed by the IBG team:


Panama: project development, hybrid seed distribution, castor oil cultivation, and marketing


Angola: management of agricultural company including field crops, avian farm, dairy farm, and rural development; construction of a tilapia fishery


Ethiopia: partnership in ornamental greenhouse project, farms assessment, and stevia feasibility study and assessment


Israel: agronomic advisory services and project planning


Morocco: agro-industrial project


China: irrigation project on the Yellow River


Argentina: agro-industrial orchard, vegetable and grain project with the World Bank


Ecuador: biological control implementation in roses, biofuel castor oil project, and seminars


Peru: biological control implementation and seminar supported by the Peruvian government


Dominican Republic: biological control implementation and seminar supported by the Israeli Embassy


Guatemala: biofuels seminar supported by the Israeli Embassy


Mozambique: business planning and agronomic planning for farm development


Tanzania: farms assessment and feasibility studies


Ukraine: grain farm planning and feasibility study


UK: marketing fresh produce

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