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הכנת תוכנית עסקית להקמת חוות קנביס רפואי ומפעל מיצוי שמן

Agronomic consultancy 

IBG is active with consulting and advisory services and operations in many countries. IBG has proven experience in advanced technologies that interface between the consultant and the grower. The following are themes that we provide consultancy for:
  • Crop management
  • Soil management
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilizers applications
  • Greenhouses
  • Open field’s vegetables
  • Pest management
  • Field crops
  • Fruits
  • Post-harvest
  • Animal husbandry
  • Poultry
  • Aqua culture- fresh water and sea culture
  • Arid region agriculture
  • Market development
  • Precision agriculture
  • Sustainable agriculture
IBG also offer’s assistance in Project Planning, Procurement, Farm Management, training and capacity building and technology transfer.

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