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הכנת תוכנית עסקית להקמת חוות קנביס רפואי ומפעל מיצוי שמן


IBG was established in January of 2006 by Director General Itzhak Ayalon,  and a team of agriculture experts. This specialist service provider was founded upon the broad accumulated experience of its expert members in all areas of sustainable agricultural development.

IBG is a global consultancy and agro-projects integration company that brings the best Israeli agricultural knowledge and technology to the rest of the international community. IBG professionals provide expertise in a wide range of agricultural and environmental fields. Tailor-made solutions and turnkey projects are important benefits that IBG offers, along with the capacity to accommodate interdisciplinary approaches.    

IBG Group management is based in Israel, an international leader in advanced agricultural research and development. Our home base in Israel affords us an advantage because we are well connected to innovative technologies and research institutions.
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